Bigfoot Outdoor Microfiber Towel (2-Pack; Orange + Purple)

Bigfoot Outdoor Microfiber Towel (2-Pack; Orange + Purple)

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BigFoot Outdoor Products Microfiber Towels are made from high quality microfiber. If you need towels that are light, compact, and easy to pack our Microlite towel is an ideal solution. Microfiber is soft to the touch, gentle on the skin, and absorbs water more efficiently than normal towels. 

These are large (60” x 30”) towels. You will have enough to handle any outdoor or sporting situation that requires a quick, easy way to dry off. Each towel comes packed in a high quality mesh carrying case and has hang loops to assist with drying. 

Microfiber is also designed to dry quickly enough that you can use them throughout the day for different purposes. Packable and lightweight, these towels are easy to throw into your backpack or suitcase without being bulky or taking up too much space. 

2 EXTRA LARGE TOWELS + CARRY BAG (60" X 30"): High quality premium microfiber ultra-absorbent

QUICK DRYING & SUPER ABSORBENT: Designed for quick drying and super absorbent, dries faster than normal cotton towels

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Each towel comes with a separate carry bag for convenience

MULTI USE: Ideal for camping, the beach, swimming, sports & everyday use

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: Bigfoot Outdoor Limited Lifetime Warranty